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** Posting Instructions ** -- Please read before posting! (General Discussion)

by Admin @, Monday, March 09, 2015, 13:29 (1011 days ago)

Welcome to the Guinea Fowl Forum!

This forum is hosted by the Guinea Fowl International Association (GFIA), a nonprofit organization based in Texas, USA. We welcome questions and comments by anyone with an interest in guinea fowl. You don't need to be a member of the GFIA to post on this message board.

Please note: Registration is required before you can post a message on this forum. Click Register in the upper right corner and follow the instructions. There is no charge to register to post.

Each message on this forum reflects the views of the author of the message and not necessarily the views of the GFIA. By posting a message, it is understood that you shall remain solely responsible for its content. Please be polite. Name calling will not be tolerated. Differences of opinion are to be expected, but please make your point without ridicule or disrespect for the opinions of others. The GFIA reserves the right to remove any content that is found to be objectionable.

This forum is currently moderated by CindyTX, CarlNC, and the Forum Administrator, BarbaraNH. Please contact one of the moderators if you have concerns about the content of any of the posted messages. Moderators may be contacted by clicking the little envelope icon next to their usernames.

It might be helpful to search our archives prior to posting a question. Often you'll find that the question has already been answered by an experienced guinea fowl keeper, and you'll have your answer immediately without needing to wait for a reply.


~ Enter the word or words you want to search for in the Search box at the upper right.
~ Hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard.


~ You must be logged in to your user account.

~ Click on New Topic to start a new thread or click on Post Reply beneath the message you would like to respond to.

~ Select a category from the drop-down menu (General Discussion is the default).

~ Enter a new subject if you'd like (after deleting the one that is offered) or keep the one that is already entered.

~ Please enter img: at the beginning of the subject line if you are including a picture in your message. This will help identify messages in our archives that include pictures.

~ Delete img: at the beginning of the subject line if your message does not include a picture.

~ Enter your message. You can use the options to the right of the message box to customize your message. If you don't understand how to use the BB Code, please ask for instructions by posting your question or emailing one of the moderators or the forum administrator. The administrator may be contacted via the Contact link in the lower right corner.

~ To add a picture to your posting: Upload is for uploading a photo from your own computer. Image is used to control the size and placement of your picture.

~ If you check E-mail notification on reply of this posting you will be sent an email when someone responds to your posting. This email is for notification purposes only. You cannot post a message to the forum by replying to the notification email. You will need to return to this forum to post your reply.

~ Click OK-Submit to post your message or click Preview if you would like to see how it will look before submitting it.

~ Be sure to click OK-Submit after previewing your message or it will NOT be posted to the forum.

~ You will be able to edit your message at anytime or delete it if there are no replies. Just bring up your posted message and click edit or delete as appropriate.

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