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img: Color of these two weird keets? (Breeding & Color ID)

by steve, Western Massachusetts, Tuesday, October 04, 2016, 23:29 (476 days ago)

Ok, maybe I'm just looking for trouble, but I think these two birds are not just normal pied gray or royal purple. They are intriguing to me, and I'm wondering if y'all have any experience with keets (3 weeks old) that look like this:

First, look at the (blurry) mostly white one towards the top of the picture, with color on its back. That color on its back appears to be mostly solid or creamy, not the mishmash of contrasting colors that young pearl gray or royal purple has. Is that just a pied-to-be, or is it something more exotic?


Next, look at this one that has a similar creamy color on its back, again not like a pearl gray or royal purple; but the top of its head looks more like a traditional pear gray keet. Maybe these are clear cut signs of something, and maybe I need to re-read those keet color charts online a few more times, but I am still confused about what kind of bird this or the one above might be.


I am really eager to figure this out! I guess I'm hoping I have some different colors so can start to tell some of my birds apart -- i have a mass of pieds right now, and it's a bit too much!

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