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img: One more color confusion - is this keet white? (Breeding & Color ID)

by steve, Western Massachusetts, Tuesday, October 04, 2016, 23:43 (476 days ago)

Ok, I think this is the last questionable keet color I have. At first I assumed it was a white. As far as existing light birds, I have 2 white adult hens, and one buff dondette.

But as this bird has gotten bigger, I'm starting to wonder. It doesn't appear to have that little white dot on its head like all the white keets I've had. And If I look closely, the main body appears to not be quite white. Not beige like an ivory keet, more like an extremely extremely extremely pale version of the gray blue color of a pied coral blue -- almost like the picture I saw of an opaline keet.

I think you can see in these pictures how the wings are bright white, and you can sort of see how the rest of the body beneath the wings is slightly grayer. Is that just because the wings are newer feathers and the rest of the body is a bit dirty after 3 weeks of running around a coop -- so is it just white after all?




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