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a horrible day..... (General Discussion)

by buckwheatkeet, Monday, October 10, 2016, 00:24 (471 days ago)

Hi everyone. I hate writing this, through my tears, but I thought you all should know. My guineas are gone. All 4 were killed in their coop. I found them this morning. We are not sure what got in. Perhaps a raccoon or a fox. There was a small spot up high in the wire that was bent. All of them were intact. No body parts missing, except a little off their breasts. There were lots of feathers everywhere. I am heartbroken. I loved my guineas so much and I will miss them terribly. We buried them next to Gunsmoke, under a cedar tree behind their coop. Now they are all together again. R.I.P. Tick g+p , Tock g:p , Tim g:r , Buck g:w , and Gunny g:b .

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