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a horrible day..... (General Discussion)

by buckwheatkeet, Thursday, October 13, 2016, 16:17 (427 days ago) @ ZoeTX

Thank you everyone for the kind words. I miss them so much. They were so funny and personable. This is so very hard. I still cry. I miss them calling to me and the sweet sounds they made. I have a question that I hope you all can help me with..... We have had a live animal trap and a game cam in the coop, since their deaths, and nothing... until today. The food was eaten. The trap never went off. and on the cam was a lone possum. Is it possible a possum killed 4 adult guineas? I want so badly to catch the killer, but I don't want to harm or relocate the wrong thing. It may have just smelled the food and came in for that reason. I know it will never be possible to know for sure, but does anyone have any ideas on what could have killed 4 adult guineas? There was only one small section, where the wire was bent up and no hair on or around it. There was very little blood. There were no missing body parts. Only some meat missing from the breasts of 2 of them.
We live on 10 acres with lots of wildlife. The animals we have seen around recently are: a red fox, a grey fox, a raccoon, a skunk, 2 fat groundhogs, numerous squirrels, rabbits, and deer, hawks, and owls. Oh, and a barn cat that adopted us. The killer would have had to come in by going around plastic and bending chicken wire. We had the guineas for 4 years. When this first happened I had wanted to catch it and slowly torture it, but I am too softhearted to harm anything. I was sure it would come back that very night, but last night was the first time the cam caught anything and the first time the food was eaten. Any thoughts/ideas would be welcome. Thanks, buckwheatkeet.

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