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How could she do that??!!!!! (General Discussion)

by ZoeTX, Friday, October 14, 2016, 10:28 (428 days ago)

Yesterday when I went out to let the young birds (6-months old)out, one was hung up in the light fixture by it's leg.

She had somehow gotten up into the light fixture that has a guard over the light and gotten her leg tangled into the cover of the light. We had to totally dismantle the light fixture to get her out.

She limped a bit when we released her. Totally unappreciative of the fact that we had rescued her and verbalized her displeasure loud and long. She was fine when she came in last night. I cannot understand how she got herself in that situation.

GUINEAS!! They are always looking for something impossible to do. LOL

(Thankful that we went out obviously not long after she did it and she was not seriously injured.)

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