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Anyone used ivermectin liquid in the water? (General Discussion)

by ChrisCT, Friday, October 21, 2016, 20:02 (420 days ago) @ Figment

You have to careful though...

Ivermectin is such a "broad band" wormer you risk killing all the lg Roundworms (if there) that can potentially kill your birds. The Wazine doesn't kill the roundworms but rather slowly stuns them so they let go and are passed out a little at a time. Killing them all at once might be too much for the bird to handle.

So I did the Wazine for 1 day, twice two weeks apart, and then 10 days later used the Goat wormer Safeguard (Fenbendazole) for another 5.

But that was my routine, not because I suspected a bird might be in crises. Obviously you don't want it to take 3 week from now to be effective. How about a Float Test?

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