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Worming/parasite prevention/treatment (General Discussion)

by BennieAndTheJets, Saturday, October 22, 2016, 11:40 (459 days ago) @ Figment

Hi Figment,

My 2 cents: I think Barbara had some excellent points, especially about the fecal float to see what you are dealing with

even at that, sometimes not every worm is shedding eggs all the time, especially if you have a low level infection

I only had to deal with 2 parasites: Gapeworm and Feather/Quill Mites

Both of those hurt my birds to the point where I thought I may lose them and Pinchy almost died and I don't want to tell you here what I ended up spending at the vets'

Anyway - the most effective "poisons" to help my problems were Ivermectin and Fenbendazole

Ivermectin kills almost everything inside and outside the bird - one vet said it may have toxicity for the birds and to be careful but they deal mostly with parrots and I have had no issues so far - say a prayer it stays that way! - I did consult a vet and this book about dosing the Guineas:

this is the book the vet consulted and she shared the page with me on Ivermectin and Guinea Fowl (who are mentioned in there) - I bought the book, even though all you need to know is the dose

I am not saying this is what you should do, or anyone else, but here is what I did:

I used Ivermectin Pour-on for cattle and weighed my Guineas (Yes! I took a kitchen scale and a tupper ware lid and zeroed it and set the bird on top to get a bird body weight - not easy, ha ha)

I used the dose of 0.2 mg/kg of body weight – it is not easy to translate the doses into the doses you need to give because mg and ml and cc need to be considered, as well as lbs and kg etc.

also, the concentration of the product is important – I got the Ivomec brand that contains 5 mg/mL

if you are unsure, I would consult a vet! - they can do the fecal float and help you determine the right dose for your birds

I ended up getting these Syringes:
We ordered these
but got this kind

I think they both work

And I used 0.11 to 0.15 ml or cc of the Ivomec (with 5mg/mL concentration)

making sure to use 0.11 NOT 1.1 – it was a tiny bit, basically about 5 drops of the stuff per bird – I took 0.15 instead of 0.11 because the air bubble in the tip of the syringe was about 1/3 of my dose volume, that’s how little I used per bird – just a few drops, NOT a whole syringe – it was just the tip of the syringe that got filled, just to measure 0.15, most of the syringe was empty

I prepared 5 syringes with the tiny doses at a time and did 5 birds – then took a break and prepared the tiny doses in the 5 syringes again and let everybody calm down a bit (because I had to catch each bird, find a skin spot – usually on the inside of the leg – apply the liquid, and let the bird into the run) everybody was locked in the coop and got released into the run, so I knew that I treated everybody and nobody got two doses by accident (not good because of toxicity)

I did repeat the treatment in 10-14 days because we had a bad case of feather/quill mites

The ivermectin is systemic, meaning that it works throughout the whole body after it gets absorbed – it was the only way to reach the mites inside the quills

Ivermectin does not work against Gapeworm and I used the Safeguard for goats to get rid of Gapeworm: as Bigdog’s article recommends, I used 3 cc in 1 Gal for 3 days – our vet prescribed more for Pinchy and I gave her the Fenbendazole directly into the beak as directed (with more or less success at different days) because she was badly infected – she had lost her voice and had trouble breathing

She also got several antibiotics and recovered, thank God! She is still with us and going strong – I think I let the Gapeworm go too long with her because I did not know what it was and she got secondary infections in her lungs – thank God we were able to save her and now I use Fenbendazole when I see any birds “gaping” and shaking their heads – probably will be spring and fall from now on, dunno yet

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