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what a coincidence! (General Discussion)

by BennieAndTheJets, Sunday, October 23, 2016, 10:23 (419 days ago) @ Figment

That is funny!

Pinchy is one of my favorite flock members - she is the most aggressive when it comes to treats - she will jump up to my hip when I have the millet tin in my hands to get some - and she will bite into the pile of millet in my hand so hard that she pinches the inside of my hand underneath - hence her name!

I like all that because she leads the flock home when I call them and she trained the babies to eat from my hand and not be so afraid.

Her enthusiasm and lack of fear comes in handy when the others are watching and learning.

About the solution: I used home-made - I don't think it used sugar - just saturated Epsom salts -so I did stir in the salt until it no longer dissolved and the solution had salt crystals on the bottom - it takes quite a bit of salt to get that accomplished - a small jar with less water is helpful if you don't have a huge amount of salt - I used samples from several poo piles and mixed them all in.

This was to test "the flock" not one particular bird, of course.

I did find eggs and some looked like the ones online, but the species of worm is hard to distinguish, I found, since the eggs can have some features that are blurred, depending on their orientation under the microscope, and you don't know what is the best match, I found.

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