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Bird Emergency Food (Diseases & Injuries)

by BennieAndTheJets, Monday, December 05, 2016, 01:01 (375 days ago) @ BennieAndTheJets
edited by BennieAndTheJets, Monday, December 05, 2016, 11:47

Blue continues to decline

took him to the vet on Thursday and got him on a supplement and antibiotics now - but we don't know what is wrong -blood work results by Monday

still, he is thin as wire now - even thinner than a stick - and was not eating

so I called the vet Friday and they have a bird emergency formula but they are 2 hours away and told me I could use Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Formula Baby Bird Food which I could get at a pet shop

got some at PetSmart and fed him about 3 cc three times a day on Saturday - today 6 cc three times a day - this morning he made a clear liquid poo (probably from the vet's supplement since that is supposed to transport toxins out) and this afternoon a tiny normal poo

I usually don't mess with nature but could not let this go any longer - putting the baby bird formula in his beak - under strong protest - but he does swallow it on his own once I get it in there

hope I am not hurting him more than I am helping - but I did not think I could wait anymore - he is starving to death on his own - looks and pecks at food but does not eat it, except a small amount of millet

no idea what happened to him - so sad and still worried, of course

hoping the baby bird formula will give him some nutrients and calories, but not sure if that is enough to turn around whatever he has

Keep us in your prayers

thought you might want to know about the baby bird hand-feeding formula - the vet said human baby food is hard for them to digest - this is better - it is a powder and I mis a little with warm water to make a paste and squeeze that into the side of his beak with a tiny syringe without the needle, of course

he has a heat lamp on - hope that is enough - hate to bring him into the house and away from his home and flock - don't think he'd like that

he goes out free ranging with the flock - gets upset if I try to keep him locked in the coop - wants to go out - but runs with his head very low and tucked in - too weak to carry his neck high - he still pecks at others and holds his place

he used to be one of the strongest and finest in the flock - I really hope he makes it and comes back ok

any ideas welcome! please help if you have an idea

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