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Fleas and ticks ... advice please! (General Discussion)

by adamshand, Friday, December 09, 2016, 01:05 (411 days ago)

Hello everyone,

My first post here, hoping for a little advice. I live in New Zealand so it's late spring here. :-)

We got five keets just under a year ago hoping that they would help with fleas and ticks (so many stories of them helping!), however they don't seem to be helping much. I just pulled a tick off the cat and the fleas are (if anything) slightly worse this year than in past years (though we had a very warm winter and wondered if that might happen).

They don't have a coop and have free ranged since they were adult size, They roost in a tree near the house and rarely go farther than 50m of the house (even though we have 12 acres of paddock). We feed them twice a day (maybe 2 cups each time).

Has anyone here had success with guineas controlling fleas and ticks? How dramatic was the difference? How long did it take to notice a difference?

How much do you feed them? I wonder if we're over feeding them but they seem to be spending a reasonable amount of time foraging and get unbearable noisy if we try cutting back their food.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


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