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same here (General Discussion)

by BennieAndTheJets, Friday, December 09, 2016, 12:04 (372 days ago) @ adamshand

Hi adamshand,

I agree with Barbara

I think the Guineas need a year to grow up and dare to go out further

also, I think they eat the adult ticks very efficiently, especially when they emerge in the spring to mate and lay eggs

each adult female eaten means a few less of her offspring the next year

I used to pick 5 a day from the horses in the spring, now 2 a week - we had our guineas for 4 years - I am thinking they will keep reducing the tick population without pesticide, yeah!

our guineas run their beaks along each blade of grass, from the bottom up, so I think they are very well positioned to get all the ticks that sit on those blades

no experience here with fleas - we just don't have any

hope the Guineas will work out for you

oh, and yes, we feed them as much as they like, too - they still go out to get the bugs, no problem

you don't have any predators, right? - not that many mammals in New Zealand (bats and ?), but there is no chance to bring our flock if we were to move and join you over there, so not an option for us at the moment :-( :-)

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