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Blue seems better but Speedy Socks is dead (General Discussion)

by BennieAndTheJets, Friday, December 23, 2016, 18:18 (395 days ago)

We had a few poles put in behind the coop for the dog pen and the new run and there was extreme noise and pounding and I totally forgot the Guineas

let them out into the run immediately when I realized it - Speedy Socks was dead on the floor when I checked again a few minutes later

it may have been a heart attack or extreme stress from the machine getting so close while they were in the coop

can't do a necropsy now - everyone gone for Christmas

will bury him tomorrow - so sad, and sorry if he was frightened to death - I totally dropped the ball and don't even know why - I am usually so careful around the coop - was very distracted and tired from two days of contractor work and just thought they were safe in the coop for the moment - I am so sorry

the others seem all fine - though they were upset for a moment, too

Blue is a bit better, even though I did not get to his twice a day feeding with all the work around here going on - he is still getting antibiotic shots - maybe it is helping - he is still thin as a rail but had some small normal looking poops finally, and holding his head a little higher

RIP Speedy Socks! He was our biggest Guinea male and very self confident - I will miss him

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