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Don't forget the Calcium! (General Discussion)

by Heritage Hens @, Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 17:31 (343 days ago) @ Lisa Nelson

Lisa, what area are you from?
Here in Vermont, my G's follow about the same laying, setting, and hatching schedule as do our wild turkeys. We often forget this is a wild species.

As Barbara said, as the hens get older and wiser, they know when it is safe to begin making that big nest bowl and start depositing a huge clutch and will then determine when its safe to set and hatch.

To me it is so exasperating to have to wait so long to have the fertile eggs and have enough to incubate or put under a willing chicken hen! Last year my first keets did not hatch until May 23rd. A very long wait indeed. Whereas my Orpingtons always jump the gun and want to start setting when old man winter is still blasting the barn.

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