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We have updated the GFIA trifold brochure (GFIA)

by Heritage Hens @, Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 18:08 (295 days ago) @ Barbara

Congratulations, GFIA Officers and Staffers!
What an amazing publication! I love the lay-out, the color combinations, the messages.

You put the best possible eye-catching phrase possible..."Why Keep Guineas?" That is the essence of the whole brochure and GFIA promotion. It grabs your attention and begs the question, why wouldn't someone keep reading. They will.

Kudos for using the term "organic pest control". This is the main reason folks buy keets from me. You have two pages chocked full of exactly what people need to read, know and think about. Plenty of enticement to research further the references you have laid out for more information.

Great, great publication. It does our Guineas proud!


Heritage Hens Homestead

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