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Fenbendazole for Guineas - Dose and Safety (Diseases & Injuries)

by BennieAndTheJets, Saturday, April 29, 2017, 02:43 (210 days ago)

Hi you'all,
I think I got this figured out but love-love-love our Guineas and want to double check with you, just to make sure.
I will do a fecal float to see if the eggs are really there, but I am pretty sure we are dealing with Gapeworm and possibly Capillaria.
In the Exotic Animal Formulary by James W. Carpenter, it has a number of references and doses for fenbendazole for use in birds.  The trick is to read it correctly.  From what I understand, Gapeworm and Capillaria can be treated with 50 mg /kg of body weight for 5 days.  It does not have a specific reference for Guinea fowl.
Just weighed all our Guineas yesterday - oh boy - they are between 1.09 and 2.35 kg - so that would be 54.5 to 117.5 mg of fenbendazole.  We have the Safeguard for goats type with 100 mg/ml, so that would mean 0.545 to 1.175 ml or about 1/2 to 1.2 ml for our birds. Once a day, for 5 days in a row.
I had one bird at the vet's for loss of voice, and I think, from what I remember, she ended up getting 0.8 ml for 5 days.
So this sounds right to me.
The lightest bird would get about 1/2 ml for 5 days, our heaviest girl about 1.2 ml for 5 days.
Our vet said, he would not treat the whole flock, only symptomatic birds, because....  I don't remember - maybe he was worried about side effects?
The thing is, I have 26 Guineas and can't really tell who does not have anything.  Some have it, I am pretty sure, so I was going to treat everyone.
What do you think? Does that sound reasonable?  I don't want to hurt (or kill!?!) any of our birds with this.  Have you had any problems with high doses of fenbendazole / Safeguard for goats at about 1 ml a day for 5 days into the beak? 
Any input much appreciated!
Thanks, Bennie

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