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I actually have thought you were Gone for the past few weeks... (General Discussion)

by ChrisCT, Saturday, April 29, 2017, 15:07 (270 days ago) @ Barbara

I read this thread and was very concerned when it was first posted. The next time I tried to come here I got that "Website Unavailable" message and thought "OH NO!!! It's really Gone!".

I kept it as one of my toolbar bookmarks though and continued to try but, same rejection. Fortunately I'm persistent, clicked on it everyday as I went through my toolbar links, and not until Yesterday did I again see the board. It was obvious that there had been many threads and posts here since.

This morning,,, back to rejecting it as an unavailable website. I couldn't get back in until I went into cookies and removed "" (I remembered from other times when something like this had happened).

Hope it works tomorrow ;-) but you should be aware there might be others like me, only Less persistent, that have given-up because this thread immediately preceded a problem with resolving the website...

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