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Thank you Both!! (Diseases & Injuries)

by BennieAndTheJets, Wednesday, May 03, 2017, 12:51 (205 days ago) @ BennieAndTheJets

I am planning to start treating tomorrow.

I am afraid of the effect (a little) and mostly of the stress for all of us.

Usually they get upset by the time I caught the 5th bird - certainly after 5 days of catching everyone there will be a riot.

And I have to give them the stuff into the beak now - with the ivermectin it was just a topical application...

ugh - I think it is necessary, though

I have several birds gaping and I know they get secondary infections from the internal damage of the worms

Bella even laid a "lush egg" - disgusting thing without a shell - looks like a hard boiled egg with puss on the outside - aech!

she was very sick, could not jump into the coop without help, but still went free ranging and seems to be fine again now

I found a site that said she probably had a fever - that is what cooks the yolk

I am so glad she is ok for now and hope she is over it - she is part of the Mr.Bird/Bella pair - the tightest pair we have - they have rarely been more than 6 feet apart for the last 5 years! - and Mr. Bird panics when he loses sight of her

hopefully the treatment will help everyone to shake some stuff and be stronger

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