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Guinea frustrations (General Discussion)

by Heritage Hens @, Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 12:35 (194 days ago) @ amarcoux

Hi, Amarcoux
how old is that hen and has this happened before? I hope we can help you out with this so that you don't decide to quit.

I have had this happen with a male after it injured its leg and I had him in isolation for three weeks or so while his leg set and healed. While he limped slightly and the treatment was a success, after reintroducing him to the flock he was forever the odd man out.

Recently I found a perfect home for him with a family who lost their only rooster and wanted another one for their hens. They update me and let me know that he has adjusted well and in quite the king pin with the ladies. Otherwise, I never rehome a solitary guinea. Too painful to let one go alone.

Perhaps others who have had this situation with a female can be of more help to you.

Here the mating season is in full bloom and the hens are battling over the males they want for their mate. All I can think of is that perhaps they don't want your hen to interfere with what they are doing.

Please keep us posted... g:l

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