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Confused about humidity levels (Incubation & Brooding)

by Heritage Hens @, Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 12:50 (198 days ago) @ domerdoc

Doc, have you gone to the Brinsea website?
They have excellent information about hatching. Also, do not hesitate to call them and ask for a TECHNICIAN! Do not settle for a salesperson who probably has never seen a guinea egg.

I have an Octagon 40 EX and an Ovation 56. They came with excellent manuals. I hope you still have the one that came with yours. When I first set up my new Ovation with the automatic pump and everything except music, I had a really hard time with the humidity control and settings. I called the Florida HQ and after a two day wait had a technician call me back. He was really helpful.

He reinforced the manual advice about maintaining humidity at around 45%. He said it is going to fluctuate depending on the ambient temperature and humidity in the room, in the atmosphere outside the house, and how the controls are set. Sure enough, after adding a sponge to the water trough opposite where the automatic pump pipe is, and raising up the humidity control to read 50%, I was able to get it down to a fairly consistent 45%. At the time I had wood stove going in the living room and little humidity outside the house.

Eventually the atmosphere changed and I went back to the controls and locked in 45%.
The bator is in my home office at the far end of the house, so little change in RH and temp now that the wood stove is off and heat doesn't have to come on and off.

In my hatcher I have in the bathroom is kept at 55% to 65% for the last three days of the egg hatching. But I have made mistakes on marking eggs and had perfectly healthy keets hatch in the (non-hatcher) incubator with the 45% humidity.

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