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Guinea frustrations (General Discussion)

by BennieAndTheJets, Friday, May 12, 2017, 16:21 (218 days ago) @ amarcoux

hi amarcoux,

so sorry to hear you're having this heart-ache and your hen is suffering

good advice from HertiageHens and Barbara: you could re-home the victim, maybe, or try adding more birds (not likely if you are unsure of liking them now, I guess) or add **a lot** more hiding places and feeders and waterers (not sure if that would work for you, since they are already picking on her, and you say they do it free ranging, too)

for us, we have 26 birds and the lowest position changes - I always feel terrible for birds that get picked on, but there are so many here, that they usually can hide and some distraction from other birds grabs the stronger birds' attention

I have 9 feeders for the birds and still put food out on platforms and ledges that I clean up again at night, so there are lots of distractions and desirable areas and the weak ones can get away and still find some food

our run started out nice and open, and looks more like an adventure play-ground now, with lots of platforms and ledges and nest boxes and divisions

people who see it say: oh this is nice for them - little do they know that this was all built out of necessity to keep a minimum of peace

it is important to leave more than one exit from each area of prevent cornering - if one bird cannot escape the attacker does not understand that and thinks the weaker bird is challenging by not moving away - that's when injuries are most likely to occur

I try to think like a bird and see if I can get out of each area, if I were to walk in and someone came in behind me =]

sometimes extra roosting bars can help for a weaker bird to be chased off the floor and get some rest there - if the stronger bird is defending the floor as a desirable area for him and his mate, maybe - I know some of our weaker birds are 'not allowed' in certain areas and they stay away and avoid conflict, but they need to have a space they can stay in and stay away from the other bird, even if it is just a perch

also, I should add - not sure if this applies to your birds or may help - I have seen terrible fights going on for 2-3 days, usually between males, though, and then it is over!

the aggressor drives the point home long after the loser has given up and way too long for my taste, *but* ours did, in several severe cases, suddenly stop and get along again as if nothing happened, with shoulders touching at the feeder and nobody taking offence

it was amazing - it seems like they challenged each other and when the order was no longer contested, peace resumed

not sure about the omega role behavior Barbara mentioned - that may not go away as easily

how many birds do you have and how many males and females? if this hen could find a male interested in her, he may help to defend her

adding more birds can be difficult but it may be one solution

I would try a load of hiding places and perches first and "adult supervision" - ha ha - I sit with them and think about it and intervene until I can think of something - the forum has often helped me, too, like you, I would ask for help

I'll try to post some pics of our set-up if I can get them, in case any of this may help

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