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Done. We did it! (Diseases & Injuries)

by BennieAndTheJets, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 05:19 (193 days ago) @ BennieAndTheJets

Phew - I did not start the next day - I really dreaded this - but we are done now!

Treated all 26 birds, by month (beak), 5 days in a row! Holy cow! That was stressful - but it went better than I thought. They are really good Guineas!

I had a different strategy this time and it worked great: I did not lock them up (to do each one and then release), I did them in several sets over the course of the day. Had to remember who was done and who was not, but that was ok. I know them pretty well now and wrote the names down as I did them. Also did a lot of them at night and in the early morning. Did not lock the door, and took lots of breaks, moving slowly in the coop. It worked well!

I discovered that I have one really sick bird - Gray Girl - and Blue is worse, it seems, thinner yet - say a prayer for us, if you believe.

It was actually good to handle everyone to see how they are.

Gray Girl has bad poops and she panted with open beak right away when I caught her - very stressed, very exhausted. One night I thought she'd be dead by morning, since I saw her heaving while breathing (this was days after the treatment) but the next day she went out to free range again.

Guineas can be amazingly strong! Sometimes they recover, I find.

Anyway, it has been four days since the end of treatment and everyone is still ok.

I do think they benefitted from it: they are not gaping and shaking their heads now - yeah!

Vita was still doing that on day 6 and I actually treated her one more time, even though the instructions were for 5 days. She seems ok now, too.

Hope all is well with your flock and you never have to deal with the nasty Gapeworm!

If any one has tips for prevention/management, please let me know!

Thanks, Bennie

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