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about coming home at night (General Discussion)

by Heritage Hens @, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 10:38 (192 days ago) @ BennieAndTheJets

Thank you for the wonderful pictures, Bennie.
I have found that it is good to have hiding places, as long as there are two openings, to get in and out of.
My converted pole barn is so large that I have made several "rooms" in it, some literally rooms with fancy paneling and roosts, but there are always two or three ways to get in and around.

I think having a light inside the barn that goes on at dusk as well as a spotlight shining a path into the barn doors, (mine have a door on either side of the barn to go in. The meanies can't guard them all.

When there is a light on inside, the shy Gs coming in late or who are afraid, don't stand out in the sharp contrast between a dark inside room and the lighter outdoors.

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