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Solar Lights (Housing)

by Heritage Hens @, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 10:45 (192 days ago)

I am wondering if any of our members have used solar lighting inside or outside of the barn.
I have not had time to look into it and currently I have enough electric outlets inside the barn to have spotlights above both entrances to the barn , as well as in three of the main rooms inside the barn.

Having the solar lights would save electricity and I believe cut down on risk of fire hazard. I think they get hot but of course are not connected to electricity. Probably hanging them away from the wall on plant pot hangers would keep heat away from the walls.

On my next trip to Home Depot I will look into it. I recently bought a new light fixture for my deck door which is our main entrance. It is an actual light fixture, not a motion light unit. The new LED indoor/outdoor bulbs that our Energy Department put on sale for $1 each for introduction, are so bright that a 75 watt bulb is almost too bright. Even on the lowest sensitivity, during the night the deer crossing in the yard set it off! So no human sneaking around the property is going to escape detection.

These would be great on the outside of the barn but require using up another electrical outlet.

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