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Jumbo guinea fowl temperament and breeding (Breeding & Color ID)

by steve, Western Massachusetts, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 11:55 (192 days ago)

Hi, I'm about to order some keets from a breeder, including some Jumbo pearl gray and Jumbo lavendar.

My favorite bird ever was the one jumbo pearl gray one I had. He was the alpha and so gentle and kind to the other birds -- like I've never seen an alpha do. He was like a sheep dog -- running through the many acres around our house until he found every bird and made sure they got in the coop for the night. Losing him to a predator a year-and-a-half ago was so sad and traumatic, honestly it took me months to get over it.

So, is there a way to see any jumbos hatching from my flock? Do I need a certain amount or proportion of sexes?

Ideally, I only plan to keep one of the pearl and one of the lavendar Jumbo for my own flock (and sell the others). Should they be male, female, or does it not matter?

Do they even produce offspring (I've heard something about them or the French being unable to breed; and I'm still not clear if Jumbo and French are the same)? If so, how do the genetics work -- does the male have to be Jumbo? The female? Would love to know, as I plan to only keep one Jumbo pearl gray and one Jumbo lavendar, but might consider a different plan if you guys have any info and advice on this.

While I'm at it, are they more gentle and mellow, or was I just lucky with that one?

The bird I think is the current alpha in my flock is a standard pearl gray, and he's really mellow. No posturing or dominating. Just protects the flock (from me when I go in the coop!) and seems to make sure they're all safe when they're out free ranging. Will a jumbo male automically take over b/c of his size? If so, and they aren't intrinsically gentle, would it be safer to keep female jumbos?

Etc etc etc... Any info people have about the jumbos (including this new weird lavendar variety that sounds so cool) is very welcome.

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