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So, keets will blend into the flock? (Behavior & Training)

by steve, Western Massachusetts, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 00:15 (192 days ago) @ ZoeTX

Yes, I'm getting 25 day-old keets and selling whichever ones I don't keep. (Sorry for the confusion -- I edited my post to mention that they will be keets.). I expect I will keep them in my house for the first 2 weeks or so, then put them in a fenced off corner in the regular coop that my current flock lives in for a few weeks and then let them out in the coop.

I definitely don't want 2 separate flocks. Right now, all 16 settle into the same 8' wide perch each night,.

But it sounds like you're saying that if they start as babies, eventually they will blend into the existing flock, right?

Since they are growing up in the flock, it's likely they will adapt to the nature of that flock, and not take over, right?

Any predictions as to what might happen if I have 16, give away about 4 of those, and add about 14 of the keets to the flock?

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