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I'm not 100% positive about this (Breeding & Color ID)

by Barbara, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 01:39 (191 days ago) @ steve

But, I think you would need to have both parents be Jumbos to end up with Jumbo keets. I remember reading that if one parent is a Jumbo, you could have keets that are slightly larger than the standards, but they wouldn't necessarily be true Jumbos.

Jumbos are supposed to have no problem reproducing. In fact, I was told that French guineas, which have had a reputation of not being able to reproduce without being artifically inseminated, can also reproduce naturally if they are allowed to free range and have lots of space in their coop. Apparently, AI has better results, but it is not necessary unless you are breeding the birds for production purposes.

I don't think it matters what color Jumbos you have, except that a mating of a Pearl Jumbo and a Lavender Jumbo will produce only Pearl Jumbos in the first generation; however, they would carry the Lavender gene that should result in Lavender Jumbos in future generations. Keep in mind that Pearl is always dominant (requiring only one Pearl gene to result in that color). You will need two Lavender genes to get Lavenders.

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