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So, keets will blend into the flock? (Behavior & Training)

by ZoeTX, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 16:14 (190 days ago) @ steve

Sometimes it is difficult not to have two separate flocks. It has been my experience that they will just naturally divide themselves into two groups with members being with one flock one day and the other the next. I think this is found most often with larger flocks. I have 30+ guineas. They all come together at the end of the day and sometimes I will see them together during the day and then they separate for a while. LOL

I think keets will fit in if you introduce them to the older birds early and the adults become accustom to them.

I only sold adults one time and when I did, I sold one of a pair, not realizing that they were a pair until too late. The guy was in our house and we were talking after we caught the guineas he was buying. When we went out, there was a female on the crate which contained her partner and she was calling for him. I tried to catch her as I was going to give her to the man to take with her mate, but we could not catch her. She cried for 3 solid days. I felt really bad about doing that.

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