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Possible sick guinea (Diseases & Injuries)

by service1010, Tucson AZ, Thursday, June 29, 2017, 20:09 (171 days ago)
edited by service1010, Thursday, June 29, 2017, 20:42

Today, one of my 6 yo guineas balked at going into the coop. She did. But, she is all puffed up and she is holding her neck 'funny' He head (not face) seems swollen. She will not extend her neck. Every once in a while she makes a soft cheep sound. And occasionally, she shakes her head. She has not eaten while in the coop and I haven't seen her defecate (but I am only out there every 1/2 hr)

She tried to drink some water just now, but it seemed to cause her distress.

She is holding her neck so that she really shows no neck. Like her head is resting on her body. If that makes sense

No one is bothering her.

Maybe stung by an insect? Could it be her crop? I haven't grabbed her as not pleasant for either of us (but I will).

She is equally puffed up on both sides. When she faces front, I can see sorta a break in the feathers between the 2 breasts (in other words, I see 2 distinct puffy breasts)

Egg bound? None of my 4 guineas, all 6 yo, have laid a single egg this year!

She is walking okay.

It has been 100 degrees for a month now,

Any thoughts? Thank you all!

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