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This excerpt from one of HeritageHens' posts might help (General Discussion)

by Barbara, Thursday, July 06, 2017, 22:18 (161 days ago) @ Trillium

HeritageHens said:

I have trained my Standard Poodle puppy to respect the Guineas and chickens. She does not really guard them, except to let me know if a strange animal comes onto the property. She does not chase deer or wild turkeys, but watches them intently. When she was a small puppy she wanted to chase and play with the birds, so I had to break her of that. It took a lot of patience with her on a lead, walking near them when they were in their run, then aways off when they free ranged. Little by little our walks got closer and closer, so that we could actually walk through the flock or the barn without her lunging at them. Now she can be loose with them out and only occasionally will jump back and forth in front of a Guinea fowl to try to tease it to play, as she does with our cats, but she would not grab one.

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