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Thank you, Barbara! (General Discussion)

by BennieAndTheJets, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 10:26 (152 days ago) @ Barbara-NH
edited by BennieAndTheJets, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 10:38

You are very kind. And it is nice to be on a forum where others can understand how you can get attached to a bird and a poultry bird at that. ;-)

I think the flock is less caring than I expected. I am usually the one grieving and missing the ones who go. Pinchy and Blue used to be together and now Pinchy is with Teddy. Go figure. we have 25 Guineas in the coop now, so there is a lot for everyone to do, as far as interactions are concerned. There are a lot of other friends and bullies to think about at any one time, so that may be why one individual is not more obviously missed.

Noone seems to miss Blue - but then again, I am sure I miss 99% of Guinea communications and thoughts and feelings - I think that's why many people think they are so dumb. It's because we're not smarter. }-D

Bella and Mr. Bird, however, I think are very different. They have not been more than 6 feet apart in the last 5 years and when he can't see her, he freaks out. I am a little afraid of one of them going first. Bella has been sick, too, but so far so good. Need to focus on the positive and the now.

Anyway, another caveat - we rarely have colored keets - almost all our keets are Pearl Gray - and that is fine - I love them - but just before Blue died two Coral Blue keets hatched!

And one Royal Purple - we don't even have Royal Purples - and then a Pearl and then a Lavender - and the day Blue died another Lavender.

I did not want any of these - they were eggs the hens had snuck in under a sitting hen that I had sitting on wooden eggs - when I clean the nests out periodically, I always check the real eggs and if they are developing they go into the 'bator.

I really wanted another Lavender so Lillybud would not be the only one - but resisted the temptation to keep the one earlier this year. Found a good home for it.

Now, with all this, I am keeping the little colorful flock and they do help to cheer me up quite a bit. They are not Blue, of course, but maybe there will be one special one among them, rather than a just a bunch of belligerent so-and-sos, ha ha, you never know.

Just gotto let life happen, I guess.

They also lit a fire under my butt to get the new run finished before they go out.

I still miss Blue, but I am happy that he got to go out until his very last day and he died in the coop, next to the hens on the nest, where he had been sleeping every night to stay warm and safe, and he got to do mostly what he wanted until the end. He even pecked at some millet still in the last 24 hours. :d: :a:

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