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No experience with bobcats and guinea fowl, but.. (Predator Problems)

by Barbara-NH @, Thursday, July 20, 2017, 02:41 (148 days ago) @ steve

..we do have bobcats that come close to our house here in New Hampshire (just over the MA/NH border north of the Ashby/Fitchburg, MA, area). When we had our guineas, the bobcats never came very close to the house, although we would often see their tracks down back in the woods on our property. After we no longer had guineas or chickens, we saw bobcats a couple of times during the middle of the day. One time, we saw the bobcat crouched low to the ground (just over the edge of our back lawn), and then it leapt high up to snatch a squirrel as it jumped up onto the trunk of a tree. They often walk along the stone wall just over the hill behind our house. You're right. They do hunt at all hours of the day, and your birds are in danger anytime they are out of their pen.

I did some research on bobcat behavior after we saw the one in our backyard, and here are a few of the things I found out:

Going on all of that, I think you may need to know whether your problem bobcat is a male or a female. If a male, you may see less of him as he travels around his territory. If a female, you may see her more, especially if she is trying to feed a litter of kittens.

Sorry I don't have any ideas for controlling the bobcat, if it can be controlled, but I sure do wish you the best of luck keeping your flock safe.

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