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img: They are usually very timid the first time out (General Discussion)

by kim ⌂, Pontotoc, TX, Friday, July 28, 2017, 13:10 (180 days ago) @ Barbara-NH

Well I may be a bit biased but these little guys are smart Barbara! B-) This morning they eagerly went for the sunshine and bugs..... How do they do that?.... Know that there be bugs out there! They have mastered grasshopper mid-flight capture, ripped a spider apart, ate every generic bug they came across and even fought over a centipede. They really are amazing little birds, and have become embolden to go where no guinea has gone before. We let them range for a couple of hours and found them ...... well that's not quite accurate, they found us at the barn office. We did not have to go and search for them, they came back and then went back to their barn!



I put water out as suggested and they were curious but not a one had a drink. After returning to their coop/stall they all had a drink. And some of them were pretty thirsty, drinking while I was adjusting the water level...... they usually stand off when I'm fiddling about with feeders and waterers. Today was the first time they were not bothered by me filling a feeder or waterer.

I did not have a chance to try out the cow bell guinea call because they returned on their own. So tomorrow morning I'll try that out with treats and see if they will come. They might just be more interested in all the grasshoppers.

I'm a little worried about leaving them out all day because of the heat .... it's summer and it's Texas. If they had a drink outside of the coop I'd feel better letting them range all day. So I'll just give them the 2-3 hour ranging for the next week or two. I suspect they will want to stay out longer once they get bigger.

Now what about these grown up voices they all seem to have from time to time? Can an accurate decision be made as to the keets sex if I am hearing single syllable and 2 syllable calls? Still the majority of the noise coming is keet peep, but 5%-10% of the noise is the adult voice. I had no interest in the birds sex when I ordered these guys up, but now I'm thinking what to do with eggs and hens and all the issues concerning guinea love. I really don't want to deal with it if I don't have to. :-(

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