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Dirt floor is mud (Housing)

by Trillium, Tuesday, August 08, 2017, 12:32 (128 days ago)

Our coop is an A-frame, with the enclosed area above the run, which is just on the dirt. It's been rainy lately, and the dirt floor has turned to mud. Even though the weather is still warm/hot, the run is always overshadowed by the coop on top, so it doesn't get direct sunlight. It's not drying out well, and the guineas are getting muddy.

They're fully feathered, but we haven't started letting them out to free-range yet. Probably next week, when my husband is back in town to help if they decide to scatter. Is it terribly unhealthy for them to be in the mud down there? Is there anything I can do to dry it out?

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