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Hey buckwheatkeet! (General Discussion)

by BennieAndTheJets, Saturday, August 12, 2017, 03:01 (165 days ago) @ buckwheatkeet

Hi buckwheatkeet,

We are fine - thank you - when Blue died, two Coral Blue keets were born and two Lavender and a Royal Purple and a Perl - so far we are keeping them all.

Got to get them out of my bathroom this weekend and then we'll see how it goes out there.

We usually only get Perl babies, so this was a surprise and sort of a hint from fate.

I had to smile to myself and thought, yeah, it will take several Guineas to replace Blue...

And there they were.

Do you know the song: And when I'm dead and when I'm gone - there will be one child born to carry on! ?

I like that song. Make me less sad about death because it is part of life on earth, I guess.

Of course I will have to make you a shirt with the new design, since you are buckwheatkeet! ;-) Just give me plenty of time - I am slow with these things. :-)

I loved your card, by the way - nothing beats your Guinea poems!

I hope you have Guineas again one day. You could get some from us, but again, our keets are mostly Perl and you may want some more variety. This year was a real surprise treat for us.

Hope you and your other critters are doing well!


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