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I would add some perches now (Incubation & Brooding)

by Barbara-NH @, Thursday, August 17, 2017, 00:51 (120 days ago) @ steve

They don't need to be very high off the ground. I would think it would be better for them (and for the heater) to be on a perch instead of on the heater plate. There must be some way you can mount the ends of the perches to the support posts or the fencing. If not, you could make a perch that is mounted to footed stands so it can be moved around to whatever space works best.

There is an age that some have discovered works best for integrating keets into an established flock. I think it is 6 weeks or up to 8 weeks, but I'm not sure I'm remembering it right. Apparently, the older the keets get, the more difficult it can be for a smooth integration. The thinking is older keets may not be as intimidated by the adults, and that can lead to more aggressive behavior by the adults. Younger keets (but not too young) should be more submissive and will withdraw (for the time being) rather than push forward. That helps the older birds to feel less threatened by the newcomers.

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