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IMG: 2017 Babies (General Discussion)

by BennieAndTheJets, Monday, August 21, 2017, 09:59 (116 days ago)

In the bathtub until all are big enough to go outside

Little Felix had splayed legs - here shown sleeping comfortably, still in the tub

Since we had snakes lately, I made a safe night time enclosure (so far so good)

Made a perch from a tree branch and some scrap wood

Day time enclosure (the adults are around in the day time and hopefully will keep the snakes away) - note Felix standing on the brick, fully recovered from the splay legs

Two of the keets are called Agali and Alma in honor of the parents of Aisholpan, a Kazakh girl who trained to be an Eagle Huntress in Mongolia - the parents who support this strong and determined young girl (she is only 13) are the true heroes in my eyes

The movie is called "The Eagle Huntress" - the Eagles are stolen from the nest as Eaglets and used to hunt mostly foxes for fur - the Eagles are released back into the wild when they are 7 years old and become mature, so they can reproduce and be free again - the movie gives a glimpse into the Mongolian nomads' lives - worth watching!

Here is a link with some criticism of the film

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