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roosts for keets (Incubation & Brooding)

by Heritage Hens @, Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 08:24 (114 days ago) @ steve

There are several makeshift perches that you could try. I first use a large clear plastic tote for the newly hatched. Then they go on shavings in the bottom of a large plastic dog crate, the kind you ship dog in on airlines. Because they are interested in jumping on top of the waterers and feeder containters, what I use for a perch in the dog crate is a curtin rod.

You can use two styles. The round extension rods and the old fashioned flat curtain rods. Both pull apart. You can thread one across at one end of your cage, where they don't sleep and where they won't jump into the feeder and waterer. You can hang it down low at first and then raise it up to the next square in the cage wire, etc. Because both styles have either a knob or the curved end, they don't fall out. And the surfaces are small enough for their little feet to grasp easily.

Later on, when they go into the coop or outdoor nursery, what I use are clothes racks or towel holders. You can find the small white plastic clothes rack for underwear in Walmart type stores. They are sturdy enough for keets while they are small and you can move them around easily. The old fashioned towel racks also work well if you can find one that's cheap. THey are usually made of wood. I find them at yard sales. People used to use them to hang blankets on at the foot of their beds, or in bathrooms for free standing towel holders.

What is nice about these is that you can also put them out in the keets' run instead of installing poles or studs that you have to keep moving up and down depending on the age of the birds.

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