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My second flock is so different from my first! (General Discussion)

by Trillium, Friday, September 15, 2017, 18:17 (90 days ago)

This is my second little flock of seven, and they're so different from the first! I never thought about flocks having their own personalities, but these certainly seem to.

My current flock is less used to being handled, but they're willing to come up a lot closer to us. Sometimes I feel like they're even following the kids around when they play outside. It's pretty common that they decide to hang out in the same area, just off to the side a little. And they've gotten used to our dog too. They let him come right into the middle of them. Since they're less likely to run, he's less likely to chase them. Usually he just sniffs around and goes back to the kids. We're still careful, but it's been wonderful not to have to worry so much about him scattering them.

Also, these are more prone to roam through the bushes. Our others stuck around the house more (especially the glass doors where they could see their reflections!), but the new flock likes to go into the woods. And they're quieter! I could always tell where the first ones were, but whenever these start squawking, it startles me because the noise comes from a totally different area than where I thought they were. They're like ninja guineas!

The thing I really don't like as much is that this flock will NOT go back into the coop when I want them to. If they don't feel like it, they won't go. I end up chasing them around all through the woods and bushes and brambles, and I make no progress. The first flock was far more cooperative.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying having guineas out and about again. They're never boring!

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