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Injured bird (Diseases & Injuries)

by BennieAnTheJets, Monday, September 25, 2017, 10:38 (81 days ago) @ CindyTX

Hi Trillium,

I agree with Cindy on the not separating - being a softie, though, I would definitely keep an eye on things when they are out and/or confine the injured bird in the crate, like you said, at least for a few days, so that s/he can heal without the stress of having to keep up with the flock - agree with Cindy again, though, on not separating one bird completely - the stress would hinder the healing - could you keep the flock in for a few days, or keep a few buddies in with her/him - ?? - not sure what your set-up is like and what would work for you and your flock.

So sorry this happened. Hope the Guinea recovers ok. We had one limping as a teenager because she got hung on a branch I added to the coop - she did recover - I guess it all depends on what the injury is.

You say there is no wound? a wound could get infected and may need attention - if it is a tendon or even a bone, they often heal on their own - not without pain, but hopefully survivable

keep us posted

and by the way, Cindy has tons more experience than I have - just chiming in for another opinion

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