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gapeworm (General Discussion)

by BennieAnTheJets, Sunday, October 08, 2017, 23:42 (67 days ago) @ amarcoux

I used Fenbendazole for gapeworm

at 50 mg/ kg of body weight - so for the average Guinea it translated into about 0.8 ml of the Safe-Guard for goats 10% suspension

I did it for 5 days in a row into the beak - and I did it for 26 Guineas - no, I don't want to hear from anyone that it cannot be done - ha ha - it was mission impossible, of course, but after over 100 doses gives orally, I got quite good at it

you have to be careful not to drown the bird! - do not squirt liquid into the throat! - I put the liquid into the beak from one side and let the bird drink it slowly - only a few drops at a time - some individuals shake it out, so I gave a little more from a second syringe - most took it ok

I used 1 cc syringes without the needle, of course

for example:

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