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Garlic and DE (General Discussion)

by ramdai, Friday, December 01, 2017, 18:48 (16 days ago) @ Barbara-NH

I just looked it up, and my Guinea seems to do that at times, but I would guess she's done it off and on for years. I've noticed her sneeze once or twice, but not cough

She does this funny thing though when I scratch the base of her neck on the back, where she sticks her neck out very straight, sort of reminds me of a dog when you scratch them at the base of the tail where they can't reach too well.

I went ahead and put garlic in her water and DE in her food, but may have to try and diagnose it better to determine if she's infected and how urgent it might be.

I do have a microscope to check for eggs in her poop, not sure how easy it might be to look down her throat, but I'll try that at some point--almost seems like a two person job.

Garlic is most assuredly a top shelf anti biotic, anti viral, anti fungal, and vermifuge, but of course all worms are somewhet different as far as how well it might treat them.
I'm also thinking about bringing in some wormwood from the garden to make sure she has plenty of access to it, I think it still has some green leaves, most animals will self medicate--for all I know she may have been doing it right along keeping any infection under control.

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