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GFIA Classified Ads
(Click above link to register, login, or view the ads)

There is no charge for GFIA members, registered users of the Guinea Fowl Forum, or recommended "friends" of the GFIA to place an ad in the GFIA Classifieds. We hope that many of you will take advantage of this free service to place an ad (or several ads) for your poultry-related items or for anything else you feel our visitors would be interested in.

You must register to place an ad, but registration is not required to view the ads. It is recommended that you register with the same username you use for the Forum so that buyers will be able to recognize you. After you login, you will see a link in the menu bar to "place an ad." The GFIA reserves the right to remove any ad that is not placed in good faith or is found to be objectionable.

You are allowed only one photo with each ad, but you may place ads for additional items (with one photo for each), if you'd like. You may also place duplicate ads in other categories or subcategories if they apply. You will be able to edit, delete, move to a different category, and specify how long your ad will run.

Currently there is no way to put up a clickable link within an ad, but we plan to create a list of links - to website URLs found within the ads - in the column on the left side of the page. This list of "Friends of GFIA" Websites will be accessible on every page of the classifieds, including the pages for each individual ad.

Your ad will display as a single paragraph unless you type in the following code where you would like a new paragraph to begin: < BR />< BR /> That code will add two line breaks within your ad. You can also create a list of items in your ad by typing < BR /> before each item in the list. That code will ad one line break within your ad. (The codes are typed without any spaces except for a space between each R and each /.)

If you have any questions or need assistance in placing an ad, we will be happy to help. Please use the contact admin link in the bottom left corner of the Classified Ads page to send us a message.

We hope you will enjoy using this free service!

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