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How are everyone's Spring hatching plans going? (General Discussion)

by Heritage Hens @, Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 18:18 (335 days ago)

It's hard to believe that the 2017 Spring season is finally here in New England.
Here in Vermont we have had a record mild winter with only one major snowfall. We usually get one around Valentine's Day, and sure enough, we got a two-year record snowfall.

This dashed any hopes of mine to be able to let the flock free range sooner than later.
Today was the first day that creeped over the 50 degree mark. But its going to take some rain and mild temperature to melt the snow that is still 6 inches or so.

My veteran G's could handle the blanket of snow around the barn. We have a tall cedar tree line about 100 feet from the barn, under that is now bare,due to wild turkeys and deer who like to hang out under there and like the cracked corn I throw out there when weather is really bad.

If allowed to go free, the young G's will follow the veterans across the snow and over to the tree line. Unlike the veterans, they are too confused by the snow surrounding the barn and get stranded out there until I go out with wood ashes or barn litter and make a trail for them to walk on. They don't realize they could just fly over to the roof of the run and then drop down to go into open doors and then into the barn.

The wise adult hens know that this is no time to be thinking about laying eggs and hatching out a clutch of keets. Way too early here. l:u

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