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Possible sick guinea (Diseases & Injuries)

by service1010, Tucson AZ, Thursday, June 29, 2017, 20:09 (169 days ago)
edited by service1010, Thursday, June 29, 2017, 20:42

Today, one of my 6 yo guineas balked at going into the coop. She did. But, she is all puffed up and she is holding her neck 'funny' He head (not face) seems swollen. She will not extend her neck. Every once in a while she makes a soft cheep sound. And occasionally, she shakes her head. She has not eaten while in the coop and I haven't seen her defecate (but I am only out there every 1/2 hr)

She tried to drink some water just now, but it seemed to cause her distress.

She is holding her neck so that she really shows no neck. Like her head is resting on her body. If that makes sense

No one is bothering her.

Maybe stung by an insect? Could it be her crop? I haven't grabbed her as not pleasant for either of us (but I will).

She is equally puffed up on both sides. When she faces front, I can see sorta a break in the feathers between the 2 breasts (in other words, I see 2 distinct puffy breasts)

Egg bound? None of my 4 guineas, all 6 yo, have laid a single egg this year!

She is walking okay.

It has been 100 degrees for a month now,

Any thoughts? Thank you all!

It could be a number of things

by Barbara, Thursday, June 29, 2017, 21:44 (169 days ago) @ service1010

Balking at entering the coop usually indicates a "low bird" that is intimidated by another bird (or birds) and hesitates to join in with the rest of the flock, but you say no one is bothering her, so I doubt that is the problem.

Drawing the neck in can mean the bird is ill, cold, or protecting itself from an attack. She's definitely not cold in your 100 degree heat, and it doesn't sound like she's being attacked, so I think it's safe to say she is probably not feeling well.

She may have eaten something that doesn't agree with her, her crop could be sour or impacted, or she could have worms or parasites of some kind. Coccidiosis may also be of concern if it has been damp along with the heat you've been having. If she ate something that's making her feel ill, it may pass and she could get better on her own. If it's sour crop or impacted crop, you will need to try to treat it. Treatment for worms or other parasites depends on the type of parasite you are dealing with.

I would start by feeling her crop to see if it is hard or squishy, smelling her breath to see if it is sour, and looking down her throat to see if you can see any small red worms (gape worms). If all of that appears fine, I would then check her vent to look for a stuck egg or any kind of a foul-smelling discharge. If it's been warm and wet, I would give her a coccidiostat (Corid). Next I would try deworming her if you haven't done that lately.

I wonder if the heat is affecting her. If she hasn't been drinking, she could be dehydrated or overheated. Guineas can take some heat, but when they are too hot, they will puff out their feathers and pant. If you think that could be her problem, how about letting her stand in a shallow pan of cool water?

I hope she feels better soon. Please let us know what you find out when you examine her, and we can guide you through any treatment that she might need.


It could be a number of things

by service1010, Tucson AZ, Thursday, June 29, 2017, 22:46 (169 days ago) @ Barbara

Thank you.

She does have access to water both in the yard and outside the fence (and of course, in the coop).

Tonight, she did get up on the perch, which makes me happy.

Tomorrow, when it's light, I will grab her and do my best to examine her.

I really appreciate your note

Sounds like a plan

by Barbara, Thursday, June 29, 2017, 23:28 (169 days ago) @ service1010

I'd say it's good news that she flew up to roost. At least she has the strength to do that.

I forgot to mention about the parting of the breast feathers. I think that is normal. I remember some of my guineas looking like that, and they were not sick at the time.

Best of luck with the exam!

Good luck with the exam of the guinea. Let us know how it goes.

by ZoeTX, Saturday, July 01, 2017, 21:42 (167 days ago) @ Barbara

- No text -


Possible sick guinea

by service1010, Tucson AZ, Wednesday, July 05, 2017, 15:09 (164 days ago) @ service1010

First off, my apology for not posting sooner.

I was too scared to grab my girl the next morning. I kept her caged and watched her. There was a small bit of improvement in her posture.

The next day she was fine!

I call her #4 as she is the 'outcast' Recently her comb (is that what the doo-hickie on top is called?) missing. I can only assume my one male hurt her. They are usually not mean to #4; they just ignore her

Thank you for your help. It was very much appreciated

The raised bump on the top of the head is called a helmet or a casque

by Barbara, Wednesday, July 05, 2017, 23:33 (163 days ago) @ service1010

I'm so happy to hear that your girl is feeling better! Sounds like you did the right thing by letting her rest until she was ready to join in with the flock again.


The raised bump on the top of the head is called a helmet or a casque

by service1010, Tucson AZ, Thursday, July 06, 2017, 23:10 (162 days ago) @ Barbara

I appreciate your kind words (and guidance!)

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