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My Guineas are Fashioin Critics (General Discussion)

by ZoeTX, Saturday, July 01, 2017, 21:59 (167 days ago)

Today we got about 1.75 inches of rain, so tonight when I went out to do my chores I wore my colorful rubber mud boots. I was informed in no uncertain terms that the "look" wasn't right for me by a small group of my guineas. After much verbal abuse and outlandish opinions, they finally decided that I wasn't going to change for them, so they followed me around the property discussing among themselves the total lack of taste that I have. LOL After the initial yelling, they settled down, but that did not stop their chatter and I'm sure that tonight they are still discussing it in the coop with the rest of the flock!!!

My Guineas are Fashioin Critics

by kim ⌂, Pontotoc, TX, Sunday, July 02, 2017, 05:20 (167 days ago) @ ZoeTX

Now that's funny Zoe! Your experience got me thinking about what colors do birds see. Guineas in particular. My experience with "The Light" also got me thinking....... why? I'm a physicist, in my former life anyway, and your birds reacted to color, different wavelengths of light. What colors do the Guineas see? Was it their ability to see into the UV spectrum where we cannot?

So what colors were your boots? Is there a color that attracts Guineas? I laugh when think they may like tie dye and Grateful Dead tunes.

This morning with my interest peeked, I read this ..... interesting and worth a few minutes of reading.

What Birds See

Very Interesting....

by ZoeTX, Sunday, July 02, 2017, 10:55 (167 days ago) @ kim

My boots are yellow, green, brown and black for the most part. I was thinking that they are accustomed to seeing me in tennis shoes and objected to the boots, but in fact, it might have been the colors.

I know that my Monk Parakeets (I have 4 of them) HATE the color yellow. I had always figured that they must have a predator that color. I once had a yellow dress that I finally got rid of because the birds had such a fit each time they saw me in it. Guess it was something to do with the UV that they were seeing from it.

I wonder if birds can be color blind too?

LOL - Guineas can be very rude!

by Barbara, Monday, July 03, 2017, 00:30 (166 days ago) @ ZoeTX

But they do have a good eye for fashion. Mine were quite upset with my camouflage boots, but they were at their absolute worst whenever any of us wore the color orange.

Too Funny!! They certainly have opinions

by ZoeTX, Monday, July 03, 2017, 23:38 (165 days ago) @ Barbara

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