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Incubator (General Discussion)

by cmorris1 @, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 14:43 (150 days ago)

Could someone please give me advice on a better incubator? I had one of the styrofoam ones which had become fairly beat up so I couldn't keep a constant temperature. I bought a Ktaxon incubator which failed right from the start, so I then bought a Homdox which seemed to be working great until last night when it dropped to 30 C and I could not get it to come back up. So I am down to no incubator. Any suggestions on a good one? Thank you


by BennieAndTheJets, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 17:04 (149 days ago) @ cmorris1
edited by BennieAndTheJets, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 17:13

I have the Hovabator from the Incubator Warehouse - have been loving it for 5 years now and it still works

Just one data point

I think I have this one:

and I got the automatic egg turner and the Incutherm Temp/Humidity gauge which I have used in the coop as well, since it stores max and min temperatures it reads until you clear them, so I can tell how hot or cold it got while I was away

I think I got a kit but I don't see it now - I got the yellow egg rack egg turner with my kit back then and it works well - even had keets hatch in it by accident and they were fine

One thing: it does not work well (the temperature) when the humidity is higher than 60% or something like that and mine overheated one time this year because it was incredibly humid in the room and 'bator (like 80-90%) - bator went to 100.5 F even while set to 95.5 F and it may have killed some eggs - they do state this on the box, I think, that humidity has to be under a certain value for the temp to work properly, so I am ok with that - just have to watch the humidity more closely - my fault

did hatch keets in there without the egg turner and higher humidity (maybe 70%?) but that is just my experience

overall I love this one and have hatched many batches of keets in there


by cmorris1 @, Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 23:36 (148 days ago) @ cmorris1

Is your incubator plastic or styrofoam?


by BennieAndTheJets, Friday, July 21, 2017, 00:52 (147 days ago) @ cmorris1


nothing broken yet - only it has a few finger nail marks from where I grab it to open the lid - that could be a better design, so you can lift it better :)


by cmorris1 @, Friday, July 21, 2017, 11:29 (147 days ago) @ cmorris1

Thank you I ordered a Hovabator, anything has to be better than the last 2 I had. I lost all my eggs (not that I need more guineas) but that isn't the point. I do have the 14 keets from the 1st incubator before it failed and they are doing great. Fighting the heat here in Montana, over 100 F every day which actually is unusual for here. We might hit that high but not day after day like this.

I hope you like it

by BennieAndTheJets, Saturday, July 29, 2017, 23:45 (138 days ago) @ cmorris1

and it works for you

The heat is scary - here in VA as well

I hope we are not heading into climate disaster much faster than we thought (for those of us who think, that is)

if you ordered from Incubator Warehouse, they also stand behind their products from my experience - any other store also should - I would encourage you to let them know if anything is not working or breaks before its time - sometimes you can get it fixed that way

hoep you get some relief from the heat and a great hatching experience!

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