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Dirt floor is mud (Housing)

by Trillium, Tuesday, August 08, 2017, 12:32 (128 days ago)

Our coop is an A-frame, with the enclosed area above the run, which is just on the dirt. It's been rainy lately, and the dirt floor has turned to mud. Even though the weather is still warm/hot, the run is always overshadowed by the coop on top, so it doesn't get direct sunlight. It's not drying out well, and the guineas are getting muddy.

They're fully feathered, but we haven't started letting them out to free-range yet. Probably next week, when my husband is back in town to help if they decide to scatter. Is it terribly unhealthy for them to be in the mud down there? Is there anything I can do to dry it out?

Cindy (GFIA president) recommends that...

by Barbara-NH @, Tuesday, August 08, 2017, 23:13 (128 days ago) @ Trillium

.. you add some "hay/straw/pine shavings on the floor asap." I agree. I do think there are possible health ramifications if they are kept in muddy conditions. Topping the soil with dry material (possibly lots of it) should help.

Cindy (GFIA president) recommends that...

by Trillium, Wednesday, August 09, 2017, 18:26 (127 days ago) @ Barbara-NH

Thank you. Got it done this morning! I'm sure they'll be much happier!

Good to hear

by Barbara-NH @, Wednesday, August 09, 2017, 23:08 (127 days ago) @ Trillium

I'm sure they will be happier, but also a lot cleaner, too. :hc: :-)

Watch for mold and mites/lice/flies/etc.

by BennieAndTheJets, Saturday, August 12, 2017, 02:43 (125 days ago) @ Trillium

I would change the bedding frequently in the conditions you describe.

Especially hay can get moldy and encourage pets (mites, lice, etc.) to hatch and thrive when wet and warm.

I would change the bedding frequently and work on making a floor off the ground to move the A-frame on, when the floor is done.

Our run has the same problem you describe and I have to clean it out a lot when it rains.

Our coop floor is about 12" off the ground and stays clean at all times - this is so much better for maintenance in the long run that I think it is worth the construction effort and cost.


Pine straw

by CarlNC @, Raleigh NC, Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 18:18 (120 days ago) @ Barbara-NH

If you have access to pine straw, it works better, does not mold and turns into mulch

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