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Variance of Royal Purple. Black color with bronze cast over shoulders, back, neck and chest. Reddish color on primary wing feathers. Semi-spotted.

 We are Georgia’s “Best Little Guinea Fowl Hatchery.” Guinea Keets in assorted colors are available from late May until October. We breed for many beautiful colors. You will receive an assortment of weekly random surprise colors. To place an order please order on or give us a call at 706-741-2904 We can also be found on our Facebook page Flint River Guinea. We are a small guinea fowl hatchery located on the beautiful Flint River in Thomaston, Georgia.

MIxed Colors and Pieds... each hatch varies, so not all colors listed are always available. Check with me for specific colors.

Straight run only on Keets, minimum order of 6 keets. $5 each and up, depending on age. 

Hatching eggs available March-June $15 per mixed dozen for local pick up, or minimum order of 2 dozen mixed eggs shipped for $35 plus Priority Flat Rate Shipping of $15.45. I do not ship eggs out of CA.

Pearls and Pied Pearls. $4.00. Colors $5.00

Seller since 2006. Flock NPIP tested in 2010. Licensed to sell keets and chicks by North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

All keets are sold straight run after 1 week. No shipping. 


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