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Soft tan color with pearling over entire body-Females darker than males.

Keet Description

Very light tan colored body with dark tan broad stripe on head and two smaller on each side-Tan stripes on back.

Family farm working a variety of Guinea colors as well as poultry and waterfowl. Free-range foragers and coop-raised. 

Adults, keets, and hatching eggs available. 



Pearls and Pied Pearls. $4.00. Colors $5.00

Seller since 2006. Flock NPIP tested in 2010. Licensed to sell keets and chicks by North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

All keets are sold straight run after 1 week. No shipping. 


Central Texas, east of Austin.

Assorted colors: keets and eggs available during laying/ hatching season.

 Colors are not kept separate, so each hatch will vary. 

No shipping, but can arrange to meet you partway. 

TAHC-registered site. Flock is fed and raised organically. 

*GFIA Member*

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